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Poll - How old were you when dx with BC

Times3 Member Posts: 2

I am just curious to find out how old all of you were when first being dx'ed with BC (I don't need to know the year, I hate math so I wouldn't try to figure out how old you are now anyway).  It just bothers me that they are still promoting waiting until you are 40 to get a mammo.

I was 29 when I was first dx with BC, 34 with loc reoccurance and 36 with Mets to liver. Good thing I didn't wait till I was 40!

My Onc suggests that my daughter get a mammo five years before I was dx'ed.  She is almost 18 now! Also, I don't know if I have the BRCA gene or not, we are gettng ready to start that process but it scares me to know that I could have passed this to my daughter.



  • Reneepals
    Reneepals Member Posts: 64
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  • vhqh
    vhqh Member Posts: 11
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    46 - stage IV from the get go.  I made the mistake of skipping a couple of years getting my mammos done.

  • justpeachy
    justpeachy Member Posts: 1
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    I was 42 when dx the first time Stage 11a, then here we go again at 44 this time Stage IV.......  I have 2 daughters age 20 and 25.  And I too struggle with the knowledge that this is genetic and could be passed to them.  I make it my mission in life to educate them about bc prevention, and the importance of being your own advocate for your health care.  I look back on the what if's in my life.  Back in 1994 I had surgery for a cyst on my ovary and the doc noticed a small pea on my right breast.  One doc suggested a needle biopsy, but the chief at the time didn't think it was necessary.....needless to say 10 years later the little pea grew and was not diagnosed until I found the lump.  It's been a wild ride ever since. Smile and Be Blessed! 

  • tapmrv
    tapmrv Member Posts: 20
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  • lexislove
    lexislove Member Posts: 277
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  • Britt
    Britt Member Posts: 81
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  • Watson
    Watson Member Posts: 70
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    42 at original dx

    45 with lung mets

  • lovinmomma
    lovinmomma Member Posts: 105
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    41 original dx was mets.

  • pattih
    pattih Member Posts: 31
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    Original dx Stage 1 age 33

    Stage IV age 37 supracalvical lymph nodes

    age 38 liver

  • magsandmattsmom
    magsandmattsmom Member Posts: 43
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    32 almost 33

  • heatherpalmerton
    heatherpalmerton Member Posts: 26
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    36 first dx'd 42 dx'd mets

    After being on these boards I tell every women that 40 is not the magic number for a mammogram.

    The medical world says that your breast are to dense that you couldn't find anything.  About 12 years ago I worked with radiologist. We had one Dr that felt that there was a procedure he was doing with dye and a mri that was detecting breast cancer. I do not know what ever became of it, but sure would be interested in finding out. Heather

  • 33skidoo
    33skidoo Member Posts: 42
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    48.  stage IV from get-go.

  • MissyBraddy
    MissyBraddy Member Posts: 3
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    34 stage IV from get-go also. mets to liver and bones. just had a baby 5 months ago :(

  • rooni
    rooni Member Posts: 9
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    I was 27 original bc stage III

    30 with mets to lungs and bones.

    31 mets liver and brain.

  • Bany
    Bany Member Posts: 2
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    Age 39.  Was BRCA2+ too but didn't know that until seven years later!

  • Estepp
    Estepp Member Posts: 2,966
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    40.. BRCA-


  • curlieqs
    curlieqs Member Posts: 806
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    35 stage IV from get go.

  • Alo123
    Alo123 Member Posts: 72
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    45 brca1 pos.....mammos since 30 years dx at 51 first time 65  second dx....still kickin!!! 

  • puccinimom
    puccinimom Member Posts: 1
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  • lookingforward4more
    lookingforward4more Member Posts: 10
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    46...but they miss "judged" my calcifications for more than four years....tumor was 3.5 when they figured it out. So they say the cancer was there since I was about 38 or so. Wish we had caught it then.

  • lisaelder1972
    lisaelder1972 Member Posts: 69
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     33 years young

  • riverinerabbit
    riverinerabbit Member Posts: 3
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    I was 40.

  • rickeydoes
    rickeydoes Member Posts: 2
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    48 but,17 days later I turned 49.

  • suegmomof3
    suegmomof3 Member Posts: 38
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    44 with DCIS Stage 0 (area w/microcalcifications covers an area of 9 x 8.2 cm though!).  Found on my 3rd mammogram.

  • morgansmom
    morgansmom Member Posts: 2
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    37, stage 4 from beginning.

    Famous last words from dr after I had to point out the lump in my breast to him..."let's just biopsy that and you will sleep much better when the results come back.  You are young and healthy, I am sure it is nothing!"  needless to say i have changed drs.

  • SusieSwan
    SusieSwan Member Posts: 17
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    Just turned 41

  • lv2cmp
    lv2cmp Member Posts: 899
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  • saint
    saint Member Posts: 583
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    46 stage 1

    50 stage 4    

    Too many YOUNG ppl posting here!!!! But then, we are ALL too young for this!!!!

  • VickiG
    VickiG Member Posts: 7
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    40, just a couple of mos before turning 41.  I'm BRCA- but do not want anyone telling me my daughters (or sons for that matter) do not need to worry... because I "shouldn't have" gotten it either, but I did.  I still would like to have my ovaries removed but my doc says not to worry since I'm BRCA- so I have no more risk of ovarian cancer than anyone else... again, according to BRCA test I had no more risk than anyone else for bc either, yet here I am.

  • Paula1628
    Paula1628 Member Posts: 6
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    37 first dx

    49 stage IV

    Both times diagnosed in February almost to the day.