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Where Are The "Oldbies"?

Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

As you can see from my profile, I was dx'd. in '02.  "Sunshine" was one of the first posters to ease my fears.  Sadly, she is gone now, as is Tinkerbell, Sprite, and FighterLu, whom I have chatted with many times over the years.

Is anyone out there that was dx'd. when I was?  I remember Tracie, Marci Beth, Yvonne Jones, Shirlann, Patti (Beach Cottages), and so many others, especially those I was lucky to meet at our NYC get together back in '04 or '05, can't remember now.

If anyone is out there, please check in.  Would love to hear how you all are doing.




  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612

    HI, Laura,

    I'm still here! I had a second primary recently (Stage 1 again!) and am going through reconstruction, but I feel great.

    There are only a few of us oldies here any more. Some just pop in from time to time. I was just thinking about Sprite the other day, as the almond trees are probably in bloom in central CA. I miss her.

    Good to see you here. I hope you are well.


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    OMG, Anne!  You replied to another thread I had started with my failed vision test and my friend with the abnormal Pap Test!!!  I didn't even notice that in your signature, you had another recurrence. Damn that sucks.  I don't know what's going on with my computer or this site, but my thread appears twice...LOL.  Guess one time wasn't good enough.

    I am doing well, going for my next round of tests next Wed., with an oncol. appt. Friday.  My only complaint is this damned Actonel I'm on.  I feel achey, as though I've got the flu.  Was taking Fosamax, but kept forgetting to take it every week.  Maybe I'll go back to it.  I can't take this, feel no energy or motivation at all.

    Wonder how everyone else is doing? 

  • livesstrong
    livesstrong Member Posts: 207


    Shirlann is still here.  She posts regularly all over the boards.  Pm her at Shirlann - I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

    Good Luck!!


  • SandyInNJ63
    SandyInNJ63 Member Posts: 3

    Hi Laura,

    I was diagnosed in '02 and found this board a few months later.  I still come here almost daily, even if I don't post all that often.


  • debbieb
    debbieb Member Posts: 14

    Hi Laura,

    I remember your posts.  That was back in the days when there were are lot less sections to post under.  It was also easier to remember everyone!  It seems like once Marci Beth went on the Today Show with Sunshine and Shirlann, the boards went crazy.  Which really was a good thing because this board has been a lifesaver for many!

    We have lost a lot of sisters but I think losing Stacey has been the toughest.  For me, she was  She was the first one to reach to any newbie.  And Sprite...I still think about Kathy as well.

    I'm 6.5 years NED now.  But in May 2007 at the age of 51 I was dx'd with congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy.  It appears the Adriamycin I had in 2001 damaged my heart!  That was quite a shock.  I'm on a bunch of heart meds now but otherwise doing good!

    Hope your tests and visit with the onc turn out great!


  • pconn03
    pconn03 Member Posts: 49

    Hi Laura and all:

    I'm still here as well.  I was dx in May, 2003 - so in a couple of months, I will have my 5th year anniversary.  I, too, remember the "early days" and the sense of camaraderie we all felt.  Many of our sweet sisters have passed away and many don't make it to the boards much (if at all) anymore, but there are still a group of us that lurk or post or both!!  :):):)  Many blessings and hugs to all.


  • iodine
    iodine Member Posts: 869

    Hey Laura!  Saw your post on the other board and wanted to let you know that oldbies are still here.

    I'm 5.5 years out and grooving, sort of, I even still hang around here.(maybe too much, but then, I'm retired)

    So glad to see you -- the boards Were more simple in the day.  I'll never forger everyone being so supportive, and wow, could we cuss!

    Remember the beach bag parties?

  • sam52
    sam52 Member Posts: 431

    Another oldbie here!!

    I joined in October 2003, though I was dx in Oct 2001.

    I remember all the names you mention so well, and miss those who have sadly got their wings.

    The boards looked so different in those days......and do you remember the chat rooms with colored fonts - it made chatting a whole lot easier!

    I still come in here fairly regularly......can't keep away from my family.....

    Sam (in UK)

  • mrsb
    mrsb Member Posts: 7

    I was diagnosed in jan 2003 and although don't post very often I am still here and NED.Mrs B

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    I remember Marci Beth (who works for CBS and who did the show with a few BC girls from here) came on a few yrs. back but said she didn't come on here as much because it was too painful, especially when some of the gals that got us through our bad times, had themselves passed away.

    I see Pepper in here, and every now and then, HarleyHoney sends me a MySpace message, which I also belong to.

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    DebbieB, I took Adriamyacin too, but my oncol. had me take it home in a fanny pack, attached to me, where it would go into me very slowly, during a weekend, starting on Friday, and I'd go back and they'd take it out Monday morning.  Did they do this to you, or did they give it to you "full force" with your treatments?  My oncol. felt it would be less damage done if it was infused slowly.  I am curious to know how you had yours done.

    I hope that the damage is minimal and that med's will be able to keep it in check.  Cure one thing, damage another!

  • debbieb
    debbieb Member Posts: 14

    Hi Laura,

    I always got the Adriamycin first and it took about 15 minutes so I got it full force.  Then to top it off my onc never did any muga scans before, during or after.  Said I didn't need them.  The meds are keeping it in check but I do have damage to my left ventricle.  What can I say, life throws us curve balls!!!

    How are you doing?

    Take care!


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    I'm sorry your oncol. didn't know to do the procedure like mine, ventricle damage?  You poor thing!  Thank God the med's keep it at bay.

    I go for my battery of tests tomorrow, results on Fri. w/the oncol.  Not nervous, for some strange reason,guess my mind is on my youngest son, who's been fighting a resistant pneumonia since Xmas...he feels great, his chest x rays show congestion still.  We've got another appt. for him April17th, and if it still shows infiltration, they're gonna have to do a bronchoscopy.  I hate to think what's in his lungs.  He's Down's, and my sweetest boy.

    That's about it.

  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180


    I am not on a great deal

    but am an oldbie..

    Did post about 8 yrs out

    some time ago

    Yes, I recall when all those gals

    welcomed me, gee, I have even forgot

    some of the names, there was Phyllis

    and some in England, (others I forget
    the names now)
    we sent letters and such

    I no longer hear from them

    some I do, and it is very nice indeed

    Things change in life, do they not?

    Good to hear from all

    and very best wishes as

    we start a new Season

    I well remember Fighter Lu

    She always holds a place in my heart

    To those who I no longer hear from:
    I do think of you often, and send lots of bright light
    and hugs. It is also hard to keep in touch constantly
    with everyone


    Sierra :)))

  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Lilia here, present and accounted for... now known as NaughtybyNature

    Came aboard Oct. 2003 and met you on 2004 at the NYC Get Together.  Almost 5 years here and overall still NED (Laughing).

    How is your family, kids? 

    Good to have you back.  Hope you stick around and don't go into any dry spell...

  • debbieb
    debbieb Member Posts: 14


    I've got my fingers crossed that your tests will turn out great!  It sounds like you have a great onc.  I thought I did but I'm not so sure anymore.  I did google about the slow infusion of Adriamycin and there are studies that show it does reduce the risk of heart damage!!!  I had never heard that before and it's definitely good info to know for ladies who may be facing chemo.   You may think that your heart will be fine but I had been healthy my entire life.  Never had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, don't smoke, rarely drank (and now can't drink), ate lots of veggies and fruit and haven't been overweight.  I was supposed to be really low risk for bc and not only developed bc but went on to have heart problems!  You just never know.  

    I'll say a prayer for your sweet baby boy!  It doesn't matter what is going on with us, we always seem to put the kids first!!!  And you just absolutely hate when they are sick!  I hope he responds to meds so he doesn't have to have a bronchoscopy!

    Take  care.  Keep us posted on your tests and your baby.


  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 11

    Hi Laura and Everyone,

    I was also diagnosed in '02 and remember all of you. It was my second primary; my first was in '86. I'm doing okay, but lost my job a year-and-a-half ago, which means I also lost my health insurance. I had to skip my last few follow-up appointments with my oncologist. It's terrifying to live in the U.S. today without health insurance. All I can do is hope and pray I don't develop mets.

    I check in about once a week or so. Wow, how the boards have changed since '02! Everyone seemed more innocent then because the site was relatively new and so few members had mets. I vividly remember what a shock it was when Kathy (Sprite) died. Now we've lost so many...

    Anne, I'm glad to hear your second primary was also Stage 1 and that you're doing well. Hope your reconstruction goes well.

    Laura, I'll check back to see how your checkup and tests went. I certainly hope you're fine and dancing with NED. Your poor son. At least he feels good; hopefully by the time his next appointment comes around his lungs will be clear. It's always harder to deal with our kids' health issues, isn't it?

    My 29-year-old daughter had an unusual lump removed from the back of her neck a few weeks ago. Her doctor said it was probably nothing, but... The pathology report should have been back last week, but it's still not back. Sara asked the doctor's office to check on it last Friday and the receptionist was told they're holding it up for consultation. The receptionist said she didn't know what that meant. My daughter, who's a registered nurse, said she did. So scary. Sara should hear something any day now. Gosh, I hope this is a false alarm and everything is okay!

    My daughter has two young daughters, ages 6 1/2 and 3. I babysit for them four days a week. They brighten my life.

    It's so good to see so many familiar names from the past!

    Hugs to all,


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Hey to all who have recently posted!  Thanks for checking in!  Lilia, didn't you used to be "Denisa" or some screen name like that?  I sure do remember you!  You had dark hair, tall and thin, and we chatted up quite a bit at that luncheon...sadly, "Sunshine" was there too, and we cursed up a storm *tear*.

    I will check back in on Friday, when I see the oncol. for the results of my latest round of testing.

    Later all.

  • Shirlann
    Shirlann Member Posts: 60

    Hi my dear, precious sisters! I am still here, 72 and 9 & 1/2 years post treatment, and Marci Beth is just fine, she is 5 years plus out, and Lori too. We lost Sunshine from that group that did the show on CBS, but the rest of us are fine.

    I don't post as often as I used to. My info, believe it or not, is getting old and out of date. For instance, I am a Triple Negative, and when they told me back in 1998, I thought okay, so what? Now, it is a big deal. It was really a big deal even then, but no one knew much, tests were not completed, so ignorance in that case, for me, was bliss.

    There are thousands upon thousands of women world-wide who are well and moving on. I heard from a lady from the UK who is a doctor, she went through treatment about 6 years ago and had a real hard time mentally, but she is okay now and doing well.

    I think often, the mental end of this is the worst.

    OH MY Lilia and Sierra! My old friends! How are you?

    So good to hear from a lot of the "Oldies", God bless us all.

    Hugs, Shirlann

  • Jellydonut
    Jellydonut Member Posts: 20

    I was also diagnosed in 2002 and came here in early 2003 when I thought I had bone mets (it tuned out I did not).  Ruth Evans was the first to welcome me and ease my fears.  She was such a dear.  I thought I saw her name on the Angel's List a while back, but it's not there now.  Does anyone know about Ruth?

    I also remember FighterLu as I always read her posts.

    The boards were so very different back then, as some have stated.   Didn't post frequently but read often, then stayed away until last year.

    I second "God Bless Us All!"  

  • binney4
    binney4 Member Posts: 1,466

    I guess I'm an oldie too.Smile Diagnosed in '01 and joined here after treatment. I joined first as Binney1 but promptly (and accidentally) signed myself out, forgot my password and had to re-register as Binney2. That time I smartened up and wrote down the password on a piece of paper and taped it to my computer.Wink So when I again accidentally signed out I went looking for the piece of paper and couldn't find it. Undecided Moved right on to Binney3, and then...

    I've been Binney4 for a long time now, but I live always with the awful knowledge that at any moment I may be forced to become Binney5.Embarassed

    Other than that, I'm well. I'm of course a lymphomaniac, which will be no news to any of you. I still hang out here every day hoping to catch any Sisters who fall through the lymphedema-shaped hole in our current medical care system.

    Hoping for only good news from those of you waiting on (ugh!) test results, and especially for your precious son, Laura. SO GLAD he's feeling well!

    Be well! And don't anybody swell!


  • rrs
    rrs Member Posts: 16

    Good to hear from you all.  I was dx in 2001.  Doing great except for that darn lymphedema.  I usually just check the lymphedema, alternative treatments and research areas anymore.  Just decided to look around more tonight.  Has anyone seen Rose?  Don't remember her user name but I used to see her posts in the tamoxifen section.   

  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 11


    I know Ruth Evans died, but I don't remember when. She didn't post for a long time and after searching for a while, I found a post with a link to her obituary. I'm sure this was at least a couple of years ago.

    Ruth really was a dear. Her story was just heartbreaking. Something kept showing up on her mammograms, but the techs insisted it was nothing and by the time it was finally followed up on, she was Stage 4 with bone mets.

    I also miss Fighter Lu and of course our dear Sunshine.


  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 11


    I read the Lymphedema forum regularly, but rarely post there. I've got lymphedema in my left arm and hand (my second mast). I didn't have any problems with my right arm for a long time (my first mast which was in 1986), but just before my second mast in '02 I noticed some swelling in my upper right arm which was subsequently diagnosed as lymphedema. I'm fortunate that it hasn't spread to my lower right arm and hand.

    What a nuisance!


  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Laura: Denisa is still Denisa. She is fine, just very busy.  And yes, I used to be tall and skinny... LOL

    Shirlann: my sweet beautiful young lady... how are you? 

    Sierra:... how's Canada?  I was just there for Easter.

    So happy to see many of the "faces" from my time still around, even those that I personally did not talk too but "know" them from seeing them around... and yes... the Boards have been quite different for some time now... even causing me to leave for a good time...

    Nevertheless, good to see you all.

  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612


    I'm glad to hear that Marci Beth is fine. She had the most wicked sense of humor! Tell her I miss her!


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Guess what just happened to me?!  I lost my big toenail....again!  Goddamnit, I've had this happen several times since chemo, and damned if it doesn't always happen around the warm weather, when I get pedicures and wear sandals!!!  My manicurist says they can't put on a fake toe nail, so I am down to painting my Goddamned skin until the nail regrows...again!

    So glad to hear from everyone!  This thread is growing yarn!  I will let everyone know how the results from my tests went yesterday, as I see my oncol. tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

  • Jellydonut
    Jellydonut Member Posts: 20


    Thank you so much for posting about dear Ruth.  There's no doubt that Ruth is an Angel in heaven, for she was an Angel on earth.  I've thought of her often and am so sad to hear that she passed.

    Sorry to hear of your lymphdema.  Hope you're taking good care.

    Laura:  Good luck, CUBED!!

  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180


    I just wanted to wish you

    all the best on your tests

    Sorry, I forgot to mention on my post

    Shirlann, Lillia, Binney, and others

    so nice to see you in here

    I remember Binney helping me out

    with info on lympha, and Shirlann, have you

    still got your lovely dog, Lillia of course

    had me in stitches, when I first joined up here

    some of the threads, truly, we had lots of good

    chuckles back then. Hope you enjoyed a good trip

    Lillia. :)

    Did someone mention an Yvonne here? I do recall
    a lady from South Africa, Yvonne.

    I'm up early today, been up since 4..

    have to head out soon

    Be well all

    and thanks for starting this

    thread :))

    Hugs, Sierra

    Maybe more will post

  • sam52
    sam52 Member Posts: 431

    The Yvonne from South Africa turned out to be very weird and got into a lot of aggro with various members.......and was banned......

    It seemed in 'those days' we got rather a lot of trolls and funny people coming on the boards.Thank goodness it doesn't really happen now. Thank you BC.Org!