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Where Are The "Oldbies"?



  • LJC
    LJC Member Posts: 11

    Hi girls, I guess I'm an "oldbie" too.  I haven't been here since Sunshine got her wings.  Just popped in to see Lilia's good news and happened upon this thread.  March 7th was my 5 yr survivorship anniversary!!!!  Whoohoo!  Everything seems to be going well, I do have some benign spots in my remaining breast that I have checked every 6 months now with an ultrasound (had an MRI initially).  This June will also be my 2 yr anniversary on completing the worse than chemo drug therapy for Hep C and I'm still negative - thank the Lord above for that!!!!!

    I still keep in touch with Pepper, Stacy (HarleyHoney), Tracie (and her Mom) and a few of the other girls.  In fact, I got a comment on My Space from Stacy this morning.

    Aside from getting older and having more aches and pains than I know what to do with, I'm great.  Good to see some familiar names here.

    Hugs to you all,


  • Sachi
    Sachi Member Posts: 63

    Lois,  Good to see you .... and to hear so many familiar names. Harleyhoney came on the boards about the same time i did, I think. Glad to know you're well, and have beaten the hep C!


  • binney4
    binney4 Member Posts: 1,466

    LeeAnn, what a treat your darling is! Thanks for posting. I just love good news, and yours is the best kind (also the cutest!)

    Sierra, so good to see you posting here. Always have appreciated you.

    Just wondering, since we're all gathering here, if anybody thought to bring the chips and dip...

    Oops! Sorry! That's not what I meant to say. What I was going to say was, since we're all gathered here, with our years of accumulated experience, I was wondering if anybody'd care to share their thoughts on what was the worst part of the BC journey, and what was the best part.

    For me, lymphedema has been the worst, not just because it's ugly as sin, and a constant reminder of BC, and wearing compression is hot and restrictive and humiliating, and the threat of serious infection from a paper cut is daunting, and medical folks are universally as dumb as dirt about it -- but because it hits people so hard and leaves them reeling and having all sorts of trouble getting the help they need. Not a bit like the care and concern and buzz of information that surronds the BC diagnosis.

    As for the best part of the BC adventure: that's gotta be the lymphedema too, because of all the amazing people I've met and the inspiration of their courage and inventiveness in dealing with it. And also because it's been such an eye-opener to me to this whole invisible world of people dealing with "breast cancer's dirty little secret." Some, who have congenital lymphedema that's not cancer-related (think, newborns in compression garments for life Frown) wait literally years for a proper diagnosis, by which time they're seriously and permanantly disabled, both physically and emotionally. I'm actually thrilled to know these things and be able to reach out into this darkness and try to find the light switch!

    So how nuts is that?! Tongue out Anybody else care to share, please?Smile


  • carmelle
    carmelle Member Posts: 133

    I recognize so many of the names on this thread and those mentioned who are sadly not on the boards anymore.

    I keep an eye on the boards now but it's not necessary for my sanity as it once was.

    Past five years like so many of you. Life is wonderful. I feel fortunate now instead of the other way round.


  • denisa
    denisa Member Posts: 8

    hi oldbies!  i just got lured back to the boards by lilia's april fool's post...(she really got us) .....and migrated over here. 

     dx'd in '02, class of '03, i actually just celebrated my 5 year anniversary last night with my SO and youngest daughter over a good sushi dinner!  it was just surreal to think it's been 5 a lifetime ago and yet also as real as yesterday....

    i think fondly and wistfully of the early days here.... of our first exciting bco get-togethers that happened in las vegas and then the oyster bar in nyc..... tentatively approaching and planning the ideas, watching it gain momentum.....the impact of it all upon meeting, and then fighting back overwhelming tears on the ride home.......  the quilt raffle project sprite started and what it unexpectedly evolved into......our emotional, live, online gathering toast to sprite........the tremendous impact of starting to lose sisters here.... sprite, tinkerbelle and later sunshine (and so many others who were not as high profile but just as important, sadly too long to list).....what we added to the beach bags whenever someone had to go through a procedure........marci beth's hilarious thread-turned-blog....traci's amazing pink m&m development.....harleyhoney the unofficial welcomer of newbies.....the ups and downs, the questions and answers.....and then some of the really strange and ridiculously bizarre stuff that occurred, like the "lucky" sagas......

    the first PM's i ever received - from sprite and carm (does anyone remember carm?  she was so grounded and wonderful....). i have to admit i have saved some of them.

      and marinza.  does anyone remember her?  she was such an intelligent,  prolific writer and into research....  i still do hear from her and she is doing well.  lorac, who is now a lifelong friend.....

    there are so many memories of so many wonderful women, which to me, have had more impact than any reunion from high school or college.  i am glad laura started this thread and that lilia's prank led me here.  and also glad to see some of these familiar names pop up.  i am thankful to still be in contact with many of you by email, phone, and cards.   while so sorry to have to have met under such circumstances, i feel honored to have crossed paths with some special and diverse women here and grateful for the solidarity and some hilarity during the darkest of times.  as someone said above (was it binney? hello binney!!!) it would be nice if they gave us oldbies a forum so we could touch base and compare long-term notes.....

    wishing you all good health, good things, happiness and light.....


  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    Wow, lots of great people here

    I will not name names, lest I forget someone..

    just so nice to see people coming on back

    and chatting... and sharing

    Namaste to all this day

    Spring is on the way!!!

    Thanks for kind comments here

    I enjoyed everyone, as well


    any nature lovers

    in this group

    birds, animals, etc..

  • Erica
    Erica Member Posts: 237

    Another oldbie here! I'm so glad I found this thread. It's nice to see familiar names, including the names of those wonderful ladies who aren't with us anymore. When I first was diagnosed in the summer of 2003 and found these boards, Sunshine, Tinkerbell, Sprite, and Fighter lu made such an impression on me--so brave and funny, all at the same time. I'm sad that they're gone, but thrilled that so many of us are still here and doing well. Funny about the thread-killer thing. I used to think I was one, too.

    By 2006, I was starting to come to the boards less often, then bc struck again, with a new primary in my other breast. I'd had a lumpectomy the first time, this time needed a mastectomy and decided to get rid of both breasts--I wanted to do everything possible to avoid a third bc. I decided not to have reconstruction and this had led me on a whole new journey. I created a website,, to try to help women enjoy living breast-free. My role model is Binney, who has helped so many women with lymphedema. I mostly post on the "Breast Prostheses and Alternatives to Reconstruction" forum, but check in on other threads as well.

    I couldn't have created my website without women I met here--many contributed personal stories. I feel as if I know so many of you, without ever having met you in person. I'm glad I was here at the "beginning", when the boards were small. And I'm so glad to "see" all of you on this thread.


  • LJC
    LJC Member Posts: 11

    I was looking through my "doctor diary" since I have an appt. tomorrow for annual physical and I saw where I had logged . . . . . "4/1/03 8:30 Dr. Reyes 1st chemo" - 5 years ago yesterday - WOW!!!!!

    Denisa really expressed how I feel and I'm sure many others about the boards and wonderful women here.  Like her I was lured here by Lilia's prank and I'll probably spend a couple days just lurking, reading and maybe posting, then I'll be off again.  But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking of everyone here - you all are in my heart forever.

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Sandy, so glad your daughter's lump was nothing!!!  I just painted my big toe, no nail and all!  Polish keeps coming off somewhat after I shower, but who cares?  I'm going to see if the nail lady can put a fake one on by using the biggest thumb nail she can find...LMAO!

    So glad to see everyone checking in and updating.  I never thought this thread would have that much activity!

    Anyone taking bone meds?  I'm taking Actonel and some days, I feel achey, like I have the flu.  Anyone else?

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Hi Lois!!!!!  *waves*

    Did you mean you hear from Tracie and her mom, the one in lives in New Orleans?  Wasn't she caught in Katrina?  I thought she was in all that mess.  Her mom's the one who had the bc if I remember correctly...and boy, could we curse and laugh up a storm.  I'm needing more of that lately!

    If you can email her or get in touch with her, tell her to pop in and let us know how she and her mom are doing.  Thanks!

  • LJC
    LJC Member Posts: 11

    Yes, that Tracie.  Her mom Sandy had the BC and she's doing very well.  Sandy was able to move back into her in house after Katrina, after doing some work.  Tracie on the other had, sold what was left of her house and they bought another house on higher ground and closer to her mom and work.   I visited them 1 1/2 yrs ago and we had a great time going to the Canton, MS Flea Market and site seeing around New Orleans.  I spoke to Tracie a few months ago and she's well.  I'm waiting for them to come visit me now.  Don't know when, but I'll get them out here.

    Tracie and Scott just had their 3rd wedding anniversary on the 5th.  I'll send her an email tell her to visit.

  • Pepper_B
    Pepper_B Member Posts: 173

    Good to see you are still around Laura and all theother women from 2002..... 

    I'm still here as well. A lot has changed in the last year for me.  

    Let's see, my sweet Stacey passed away and broke my heart. I separated from dh after 20 yrs of marriage. My son is graduating soon HS and will leave the nest.

    I got my Ph.d in Criminal Psychiatry and I'm currently working on a Ph.d in Criminal Forensic/Behavioral Profiling. I transferred to the Special victims Unit.

    I, too, have reached my 5 years and am drug free....only have to see my Oncologist once a year...YAH

  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Laura: good morning.  Congrats on all being just fine w/ you.

    Flashdif is still around... we swap pictures of my girl and her two boys this past summer and X-mas cards.  She might read us more so than posting b/c of the "drama" on and off the boards...

    LeeLee join us on a big Quilts' project that went on for a while...

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Pepper, you mean you lost your niece, the one you were talking about a while back??  If so, I am devastated.  I remember reading about her progress, or lack thereof, and praying she would go into remission.  See?  This is why I've stayed away so long!  Too many lost to this damned disease.

    Lois, tell Stacie she better get her ass on here and say hello to me!  Have to run, will check in later.


  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Laura: Pepper is talking about Sunshine.

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    *slaps palm on forehead and screams "DOH!"*

    What a jerk I am!  Chemo brain that I am!  Sorry about that Pepper....btw, how IS your niece??

  • Pepper_B
    Pepper_B Member Posts: 173

    My niece Marissa is in remission and she is doing well. They do a marrow test every 6 months but so far the results have been negative.

    Her hair has grown back, she back in school, gained some weight (looks real good) We hope to keep her in remission forever but the type of Lukemia she had was rare and can come back.

  • nycmom
    nycmom Member Posts: 7

    NYCMom here, was dx'ed in 2000 and hadn't been on boards in a time. So glad to see this. Yes, way too many discussion board categories.

    My daughter was 11 when I was dx'ed now 19 and in college. I did have a small thyroid cancer 2 yrs ago. and My dad, who had so inspired me thru his courage dealing with prostate cancer, died in Sept. at 86.

  • nycmom
    nycmom Member Posts: 7

    Oh I should add--glad to see familiar names--ltb3105 and AnneW-never knew Femara associated with hair thinning! I may be experiencing that. No lymphedema yet. Took Tamoxifen about 4 years and now on Femara, obviously. Oh Yes NED, my mom was dx'ed with b.c. after me. No gene but chose to have ovaries removed electively about 15 mos ago.

  • hope_m
    hope_m Member Posts: 24

    Oh, this is so sweet, like a reunion or a perusal of the old photo album!

    Thank you, Laura, for this thread.

    I was dx in May of 03 and joined that winter.   Sprite, Tinkerbell, FighterLu, BeachCottages4Us, etc. were all here.  I always knew that  I could turn to this site, day or night, for support and info.  I've consistently been here almost every day since, but I post very judiciously.  I just don't have the time to browse and post as much.  Certainly I try to chime in when I feel that I have something to offer, particularly as a Stage 3 lady who will be (drum roll, please!) NED this MAY for FIVE years!!!!

    I think of this site as having "generations" which pass through on about a 4 - 5 year rotation.  My heart ached and I cried so much for the passing of the first generation ladies like Sprite.  We are having another turnover lately, and I feel the bittersweetness of their passing, but I am sadly wiser about the nature of this disease . . . .

    I'm so glad to see the familiar avatars and names checking in on this thread.  (My name has been the same, but my avatar is on its third photo--first was the back of my painted head, second was me as a baby and now as I look today.) Sierra, I know that it is hard to type and I'm glad to see you here.

    Love to you all,

    Hope M. 

  • junie
    junie Member Posts: 784

    Laura--what a great thread you started.  It's better than a high-school reunion!!!  I'm in contact with a few other posters from that timeframe--will try to get them to chime in here!   It is so great to read through the thread and see so many cherished names still posting!   huggssss to all!!!


  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    "Bom dia" my beautiful Ladies:

    BeachCottage4Us/Pattie, gave me a call the end of last year.  She was very busy at home with family members.

    It's great to see all of you girls.  Hope M... could not agree more w/ your post.  Hurray for the 5th year and expecting many many more!

  • Emelee26
    Emelee26 Member Posts: 98

    My mom is an "oldbie" although I post instead of her - she's not too computer literate ;)

    She was dxed May 2 2003..and I joined in the summer..needed help for us..and now post in moving beyond a lot..

    She's been doing well - we've been to lots of gatherings and love all the friends we've met :)

    I remember many of you from the beginning..when we had funny names like pooh bah lol

    Love Marisa

  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    HI there Hope:

    You look great

    and CONGRATS on your five years

    upcoming.. S. Carolina must be

    a great place to live! I write

    to a few pals from that state

    Hi Junie: many I have lost touch

    with, as my hotmail does not always

    work, but it is nice to have an update

    and know what gals are doing

    Emmalee: I recall you & your beautiful MOM>>

    Lilia: Good to see you

    Pepper: Congrats on the degree you received!!
    That must be v. interesting work. Many folks
    separate after several years, one of my family
    members did.. Hope life for you now is even better
    That often happens.. Peace of mind .. so important

    May ALL Have a great day!

    Sunshine Outta here now to hike

    Tks again Laura for the thread :))



  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Sierra: I so kick myself on the butt for not remembering that you live in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!  When I went to Kingston we could have met!  Darn... Frown!

  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    Hi Lillia:

    Maybe you will come up again some time

    I have been trying for several yrs now

    to get down there. Just dont have the time

    It is v. pretty.

    Take good care :))



  • geeta75
    geeta75 Member Posts: 8

    I am sitting here literally in tears, reading all of your names again. It just all comes rushing back--the initital diagnosis, the support, the camraderie...and of course, the ones we've lost. My dear sweet Shelli (shelliks) left us in September 07, and I haven't really been back since.

    I was initially dx in Oct 2003. I now have stage 4 cancer--it has found it's nasty little way to my lungs and bones, dx with mets in 06. I just found out on Friday that the tumors in my lungs are growing again, so I start xeloda, an oral chemotherapy, tomorrow. It'll be fine though. I'm nowhere near done yet!!!

    I occasionally hear from Nikki in London (nixxic), and we exchange Christmas cards each year. And Kimmy (kimmytoo)--she's dealing with bone and liver mets--just talked to her today. We're fighters, so don't expect us to go anywhere anytime soon! :)

    Thanks for this thread. I never come to the boards anymore, and it's great to get an update on my sisters.

    Love and hugs,


  • celia088
    celia088 Member Posts: 975

    i am a "middlebie" too.  i was dx'd in 10/04 and started reading the boards then.  i became a chatroom regular in early 05 and at that time we just had to sign in unofficially to go into chat.  In mid 05 they changed the chatroom and we lost our colors and now had to sign in officially to the whole website for security reasons, so i am listed in my avatar as registered in mid 05 but i was here way before that.  I didn't start posting on the boards till late 05.....i'm shy.  I remember lots and lots of you---you were and are my heroes!!! Sadly, some of my heroes have gotten their wings.  Shirlann and TeresaPW were the first people to PM me.   this is a great thread!!!


  • pconn03
    pconn03 Member Posts: 49

    Just wanted to send my love and hugs to you.  You are one special lady - always have been, always will be!!!!!  God bless you and your loved ones.  Please keep us "in" on what's going on in your life - we are always all here for you.

    God bless - sending love,


  • Catherine
    Catherine Member Posts: 15

    Hi, I was diagnosed in May 2003 and sadly, I remember all those wonderful ladies who passed away.