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Where Are The "Oldbies"?



  • Tinkerbells
    Tinkerbells Member Posts: 53

    Sierra, thanks for coming back and giving us hope! God bless you!

  • sylviaexmouthuk
    sylviaexmouthuk Member Posts: 7,909

    Hello sam52

    I just discovered this thread about Oldbies and wanted to say congratulations on your 14 years since diagnosis. I have now passed 10 years since diagnosis. We are both doing well.

    Have you now moved? I hope all is well.

    Fond thoughts.

    Sylvia xxxx

  • nixi
    nixi Member Posts: 10

    Hi All,

    Nancy here. DX'd in 2002 and just passed my 14 year "last day of chemo" anniversary. It's nice to see familiar names: Sachi, Lilee,Sierra, Ltb Laura, Sam, Beth and so many others. It is also fun to remember the Oyster Bar in NYC and the looks on peoples faces when we all took off/switched our wigs! That was a liberating moment, for sure!

    I don't post on the boards often but there is something about anniversaries that always seem to bring me back..14 years - wow. Back in those early and dark days I never would have believed it. I guess my message to those of you starting out on this journey is: "keep the faith". As hard as it might be to do so, and it certainly was hard, just keep the faith and go forward.

    I wish both my oldbie buddies as well as the far, far, too many women and men that have followed us oldbies in our journeys love and good health. It is astounding to think that back in 2002/2003 there were only a few thousand of us on the boards. I am very sorry to see so many people on the boards now, and given this, I would like to SHOUT out to and say: GOOD WORK and THANK YOU for your being there for us and for being such a tremendous resource! I could not have done it without you ( and the wonderful people (oldbies) who helped me along the way.

    Be well,

    LeeLee (Nancy)

  • lilee
    lilee Member Posts: 4

    How wonderful this thread is still here! It's a sad memory and it's a comforting memory because of the all women who REALLY, REALLY helped me through all this.

    I'm a grandma now and enjoying every minute. It's true that youth is wasted on the young because I now know how wonderful it is to have a clinging baby.

    In a few short years I'll just be the old "grandma" ! How great is that :)

    Glad to hear from you LeeLee. I have thought of you and was wondering how you were doing!

    Special love to Sachi and Rosebudd... my wonderful dose dense buddies.

    Hugs and Kisses and Best Love and Wishes all around!


    PS - I've never forgotten Tinkerbell or Naughty by Nature who takes wonderful care of Mr Tinkerbell ! Kisses...

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,884

    bumping this thread to bring it into active topics. We'd love to hear from you!

  • nowheregirl
    nowheregirl Member Posts: 55

    I just had my 13rd cancerversary on 7th. Can't believe it's only been 13 years ago, feels like decades ago now. So what have I been doing lately? Well, I fell down the stairs, got a pretty complicated bone fracture in my right wrist and had to go thru surgery to have the metal plate installed in May. Been working on the rehab exercises but am still not able to get my dominant hand to function fully. I was dead nervous about having surgery in my right arm as I was worried about getting lymphedema but so far, there's no sign. Apart from this injury, life has been good. :)

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,884

    nowheregirl, really great to hear from you, but very sorry that you had this complicated bone fracture! Fingers crossed for you that you don't get any complications.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,884

    bumping again.

  • nixi
    nixi Member Posts: 10


    I wish us all a Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope all of my oldbie buddies are doing well.

    Lilee, a long overdue congrats on becoming a grandmother! Nowheregirl, I'm sorry to hear about your wrist fracture. Hopefully you did not have any complications and you are now fully healed. And Sachi and Rosebudd my best to you, too!

    It was 16 years ago this past October that I was diagnosed with BC at age 45 -- hard to believe it was so long ago. I'm doing well. Still get frightened by little aches and pains but glad that they've all turned out to be age related - and that's a good thing.

    All in all, life is good.

    My best to all,


  • Sachi2
    Sachi2 Member Posts: 1

    hi! It’s me; Sachi! I had to get a new log in because it has been so long. I used to come to this site many times a day. In the beginning it really helped keep me all helped keep me sane. Lilee, leelee, Rose, Flash, many of you. That was almost 16 years ago for me. Maybe I will post tomorrow for the newbies. It always helped me to hear the positive stories. For now I saw Nancy’s post and I wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. I have pictures from the oyster bar. All the wigs and wig swapping. I thought I was hot stuff with my 3/4 inch long hair.😀

    Love you all!


  • trixiegram
    trixiegram Member Posts: 11

    WOW!!! Talk about “ a blast from the past". Up until a few days ago, it had been approximately ten years ago that I last posted on here. I stumbled onto this thread while just looking around trying to find some familiar names of friends from my oldie days on here. Was not disappointed. Found quite a few I remember from way back in the day. What a treat!

    My doctor called me on May 3, 2003, to tell me tests confirmed I had breast cancer. A short time later, a cousin called me about this site because they thought it would help me better navigate my way through my cancer journey. This place and so many wonderful ladies on here, helped me in so many ways to weather so many trials and tribulations and to regain my sanity. ( Well maybe the sanity part is overstating. I am still a few crackers short of a having a full stack! But if we are all being honest, aren't we all? ). But I am little over sixteen years out since first diagnosed and still walking the walk. So, can only say, for some of us, a little bit crazy isn't a bad thing. It is what has helped me keep sane. That and so many of the wonderful ladies on here, who have been on my corner. You laughed with me, not at me - propped me up when needed, were honest enough to kick me in butt when reality check needed, commiserated when appropriate and offered strength and wisdom when needed. In other words, were my friends in so many different ways. Big hug and thanks to so many. Too many to list all of you.. Salute you all. To those taken too soon, hence no longer posting on here: As long as you are in our memories, you are never really gone completely. Now I would love to give hugs to those, gone from sight and no longer here. Stacy/ Sunshine, Kari, Tinkerbell, FighterLu, and so many more. You are so missed but still loved. Out of sight, not forgotten but still missed!

    To all the newbies, as you get older and look back on this part of your life, you will wonder how so much time has flown past and marvel at how fast it went by. When you become “an old broad" like me, you will marvel at how you went thru hell and made it thru to other side. And what wonderful people can be. Rooting for you all.

    ❤️ to you all.

    Niki / Trixiegram

  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    Well... we all do come back here sooner or later. It is I, Naughty by Nature!

    Pretty soon I am coming on my 18 years of being given the "news" that it was CANCER! 18 years, can't believe how fast time is flying. I was 36 and had no idea what the hell hit me!

    Very recently, I came in contact with some women that have been diagnosed with BC. This is the website that I still refer everyone to since it was my life line for such a long time. Besides, I still have my favorite T-shirt, with the original design of this site.

    So, my Jade, who was eight when I was diagnosed, is about to turn 26 yo on August 26th! Can you believe that?! She's all grown up! She will start school again next week for her Masters as a Psychiatric NP and she is already a RN! She is not married but lives with her boyfriend in SC.

    Kristin, Bill's daughter, is a RN and soon enough she will retire! She's engaged and should get married next year. And Bill's son, Eric, is married and has three kids, Evan, Charlotte and Natalie (someone has been busy populating the world...). They both still live in MA.

    Mr. Tinkerbell and I have been married for 13 years now! We are on our 5th and what it should be our forever home. I moved to MA from NJ, than we moved to SC upon Bill's retiring, and since I never got used to SC, eight years later we just landed in FL!!!

    We have three dogs, Maya, Cooper and Ella. Maya is a Maltipoo and she's going to be 10 this year. Cooper (Rat Terrier/Jack Russell) is a SC rescued dog and he's nine (?) and Ella (Golden Sheppard) is the OOps child and she's three!

    My mom lives with us part of the year and than she goes back to Portugal; she's my commuter!

    Other than that, life is Good! Health wise we are all hanging in there and mentally some days we are challenged!

    Hope to hear from more of you, the ones that I don't see around on Facebook.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Always me,


    PS: And YES, the crazy chicken avatar is back!!!


  • paula1231
    paula1231 Member Posts: 41

    I'm still here and as more years pass, I am not consumed by the fear of never being normal again. Its a new normal, but I am happy, healthy, and so far NED. I took great comfort here in early diagnosis, surgery, chemo, plastics, and recovery. I am here to say, this too shall pass, and you will get through it one day at a time. Goodspeed, and keep the faith.