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Where Are The "Oldbies"?



  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    Hi Sam:

    I see and now that you mention

    do recall some members back at that time

    Anyway, nice we are all here

    to touch base with each other

    Love your kitty kat


    Sierra :)

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Hey all, I'm still dancing with "NED"!!!!!!!!!  Thank F'ing God!  I have to take 800 mg./Advil the day before I start the Actonel again, and then for the first week, every 8 hrs.  If that doesn't keep the bone pain at bay, on to Vicodin!  Tongue out

    Yvonne Jones was from the states....I remember the first or second year I was on this site, we had a Xmas card exchange, so I know she was from here.  Must've been another Yvonne.

    I'm going to see the derm doc for my "psoriasis" toe nail!  Then, if my manicurist can't give me a fake one, fuck them, I'll find another nail salon.

    Later all.

  • Pharmmom
    Pharmmom Member Posts: 18

    I am an oldie too.  I was diagnosed in 2002.  I am on and off here.  Glad to see so many familiar names!  :)


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Ok, thought of a few more I haven't seen around:  Flashdif, Lee Lee, and where the heck's Patti (BeachCottages?).  Anyone remember Ginger?  She was dx'd. the summer I was in '02 and we met twice in Vegas (where she lives, and my hubby had business trips there).

    God, I'm sure there are sooo many others, and I seem to recall all of you once you show up here, but damned if I can remember the names beforehand.

  • MargaretB
    MargaretB Member Posts: 771

    Hi girls, I'm checking in - I was dx in 04 and had my surgery in 05.  I remember a lot of you.

    Laura, I thought I was the only one whose nail turns some gross color and falls off.  I have to get my skin painted too until the nail grows back.  It's doing good right now.

  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180


    Guess I got confused

    re the Yvonnes, sorry

    Really nice to see everyone here

    Where is PATS and all the ladies who are

    from New England, that uses to post

    N H.. and so on??? And Iris, a v. special lady
    so many, I forget the names now. .(chemofog)



  • debbieb
    debbieb Member Posts: 14


    Congrats on dancing with NED!  Always great news and what a relief.  Sorry about the toenail!

    I remember when we all exchanged Xmas cards.  I still have them and it was so amazing getting cards from all over the world.  I remember Yvonne and Flashdiff and BeachCottage Patti and Ginger.   

    I think they need a new section called Oldbies just so we can post updates!

  • pconn03
    pconn03 Member Posts: 49


    I definitely remember the Yvonne from South Africa too - you realy weren't confused - guess there were just two Yvonnes, that's all.  The Yvonne from South Africa started collecting teddy bears for sick kids, do you remember that??  I do b/c I send her a couple of teddy bears, back then,  to distribute. 

    Take care,


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Sometimes, I wonder where everyone has "moved on" to!  You hope if you haven't heard from someone, that they are okay, and just"moving beyond cancer"....then again, you worry if something has happened to them.

    My reasons for staying away was that it got too depressing to see all my bc sisters that had been given angel wings.  I would lurk just to read posts and catch up, and get so down, I swore I'd never come back again.

    But, I miss the cameraderie, the cursing, the jokes, the humor, anything to take my mind off this cancer shit.

    I hope everyone that's going for tests gets flying colors like I recently did.

    Later, guys.

  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612

    Good news, indeed, Laura. Now, take a deep breath and go have fun! Get that gross toenail fixed, okay? A girl deserves pretty feet!


  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    Hi there Pat:

    Yes, that is right

    and a few other things

    Best to you tonight

    Laura: Yes, so true, you do wonder whatever
    happened to people, that is why I tend to pop in
    when possible :))

    Hugs :))

    I think there used to be parties

    and all kinds of .. activities here then


  • binney4
    binney4 Member Posts: 1,466

    That's right, Sierra. We all went to Australia one Christmas, remember? Great fun!

    Awhile back I asked the moderators for a forum for us oldies, but I never heard back from them. It wasn't just about catching up with friends, but I wanted to have a place to talk and ask questions about long-term side effects from treatment. Some of us have completed AI therapy, others are charging on to a second AI for another 5 years. Some have developed heart problems or delayed lymphedema or...???? There are just plain questions about "moving on" and how we all really feel about our lives 3 or 5 or 15 years out. There's not a forum that's quite right for that, y'know? Just a thought,


  • junie
    junie Member Posts: 784

    Another "oldbie" checking in.   Have been gone for a bit and just found this thread.   Great to see some old names pop up--glad all are doing well.  

    My board participation is sporadic.   Too many topics now and, way too many people to try and keep up with.   I do read often, and try to follow certain posters.    Have kept up with a few of the oldbies, and have been to a couple of get-togethers.  

    I try to "move on" but cannot completely sever myself from the boards and the people who helped get me through a really dark time in my life.

    There are so many names I miss seeing post!  They are thought of often with much love.   Sunshine sent me my very first PM and Sprite kicked my butt out of a pity party gutter I'd fallen into.

    Big hugggsssss to you "oldbies"!   May we continute to partner with NED and cherish the memories of our sisters who continue to surround us with love.


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Well, if they won't give us our own "oldie" thread, I guess we'll just have to keep this one going.  I'm glad my thread seems to be getting a lot of responses.

    Ya know, there are sooo many more forums here, and so many newbies....what about moving wayyy beyond cancer, what with long term side effects, as another poster mentioned?  As long as we're in an "oldbie" thread, why not discuss it here?

    My main gripe right now is that even after almost six years after dx and tx, I am STILL losing my damned big toe nails.  One year, it's one toe, the next year the other toe.  I also somehow started to experience psoriasis symptoms post chemo.  First it was on my scalp, then my arms and legs, and it seems to have settled in my toenails.  Thank God my nails on my hands are still okay.  I blame chemo for the initial loss of my toenails, but now, I've also got psoriasis to blame.  I call the condition "sorry asses"...LOL.

    What are some of your complaints after tx are long gone?  I'm not even going to bring up chemo pause and hot flashes, I'll leave that to someone else to mention!

    Later all.

  • sam52
    sam52 Member Posts: 431

    Laura...did you get one of the taxanes? It was taxotere that messed up all my nails; my fingernails recovered but my big toenails are still very weird,nearly 6 years after treatment. They are very thick, almost like double nails, and as a result are in-growing. I saw a podiatrist for years but now I 'manage' them on my own, digging into the sides and cutting where I shouldn't cut. If I don't, I can hardly walk for the pain.....

    I still have muscle issues upper leg muscles seem to have disappeared and I have a dx of fibromyalgia which mainly affects my upper back and neck.

    Thanks to chemo and aromasin, I also have a dx of osteoporosis now.

    Apart from far,so good!


  • sushanna1
    sushanna1 Member Posts: 61

    Another "oldbie" checking in with some memories.  What happened to Biscotti?  She was from Pittsburgh and last I heard had developed leukemia as a side effect of chemo, but was expected to recover.  Biscotti--if you read this, please check in. 

    Also, remember the marine biologist?  I think she called herself Seawolf or something similar.

    Laura--I just lost my big toenail for the third time and I finished chemo in Jan. 2002.  Went to the dermatologist when it grew in funky and fell off the second time and it isn't fungus or "sorry ass" but probably just a long term effect of the chemo (taxotere). 

    Other complaints.  Developed lymphedema in 2005.  (Binney was particularly helpful.)  My hair is thinning since I switched to femara (from tamoxifen) a year ago.  Eyebrows never really returned to normal. Before chemo they were perfect, my best feature (no kidding!).  Now they are sparse, blond and scraggly.  I have to use an eyebrow pencil, god forbid. (This may be my punishment for making fun of a woman at church when I was a kid.  She plucked out all of her eyebrows and drew on exaggerated dark 1940's arched brows.) 

    Glad to hear that your tests were normal.  I try to minimize time here, but find myself lurking more when faced with any tests even routine mammograms.  I've had 3 benign biopsies since finishing treatment in April 2002 and am scheduled for another biopsy on Friday.  Wish me luck.  Here's hoping it is nothing.  It didn't show up on an MRI, but has been visible (and stable) on u.s. for the past couple of years.  Radiologist A was convinced that it was probably fibroelastic tissue (or something like that) but radiologist B and C want it out.  Sigh. 

    Shouldn't really complain.  All in all, I have been pretty healthy. 


  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    LOL.. I sure as heck

    should not be complaining

    as .. it is great to be here..

    I am so lucky





  • Pegk
    Pegk Member Posts: 3

    It's great to see all you oldbies checking in.

    I guess you could call me a "middlebie" (2005).

    I remember reading your posts when this was all new to me and I want to thank those of you who answered my questions, either directly or in conversations with others.

    I was around for the Christmas party in Australia -a pleasant diversion right in the middle of my treatment. It was Saskia who got that started. She was so lively, I hope she's okay.

    I hope we'll all be checking in in 5, 10, 20 years.

    Stay well, ladies.


  • Sierra
    Sierra Member Posts: 180

    Hi Peg..

    good to see you.. I remember you,

    if it is the same Peg. you had a different

    px.. wish I could see, it to be sure


    best to you


    so nice to see all here

    Yes, there was a party at N Y

    with a N Z theme.. I have chemofog

    but.. love all of your reminders here

    Hi Binney :)))) be well

    Tks for the thread Laura :)))

  • VickiTN
    VickiTN Member Posts: 16

    Well, I guess I'm a "middlebie", too (2005). You ladies were the ones offering me support when I first came to this board. You were all life savers for me.

    The Christmas party Saskia hosted for us in Australia is one I will never forget. It was the first time that I really started to laugh and have fun after my diagnosis.

    I do miss the "old days" when there were less topics and it was easier to keep in touch with each other. I miss seeing the "birthday cakes" when it's someone's birthday, too.

    I don't come by here very much anymore....but, glad I came by and found this post.

    hugs to all,


  • mplscello
    mplscello Member Posts: 3


    Just thought I would check in here as an "oldbie" too, although I hesitated because I used to call myself a professional thread killer! :) Somebody please prove me wrong.

    I do lurk quite often and am glad to see so many people still around. And like others, I'm very sad to see how many have gotten their wings. I'm 6+ years out and doing pretty well... I have a beautiful  daughter who was born on 07/07/07, and I just got married a few months ago. I like to say that life began (again) at 40 for me! I hope to be dancing with NED for a looooooong time.

    hugs to everyone,


    p.s. edited to add, here's Franny!

  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612


    No way to kill a thread with news of a new baby!! Congrats! Life has truly moved beyond breast cancer for you. I'm thrilled beyond words for this news!

    It is so nice seeing everyone here, and bringing back the memories of those who have left us. Bittersweet.


  • pconn03
    pconn03 Member Posts: 49


    What wonderful, wonderful news!!  a BABY . . .  I just love babies!!! Thanks for sharing your miracle with us.



  • Sachi
    Sachi Member Posts: 63

    Hi everyone, I'm an oldbie now, too. I remember when we all hung out in the first thread "just diagnosed" and Flash referred to "Moving Beyond Cancer" as where the big kids play! Now, I guess, we're the big kids!

    I'm doing well. Just had my 5 year anniversary.

    LeeAnn, I laughed at your comment about being a thread killer. I've often thought that about myself - but I didn't have a term for it. It would seem I'd finally post and then the thread would fade away.....

    Let's hope this thread stays around for awhile. Thanks for starting it Laura.


  • rosebudd
    rosebudd Member Posts: 5

    Hi you guys!  It is nice to be back 5 years later happy and healthy!  I quit coming to the boards for many reasons... I had so many complications, had a new knee (completely elective, my equivalent to a face lift! LOL) and am now focused on a rebirth, a happy, healthy life!

    Laura, I also have a toenail that comes off--not the big one, but the one next to it-annoying in the summer.  And, I have lymphadema, but it is mild.  Sometimes I wear a sleeve and it goes right back down to size. But, I guess I am lucky because it never gets too bad.  The physical therapist says that she can rid of most cases of lymphadema, and for now mine does not get too bad, so I do not think about it much.  

    Sachi, I think of you so often!  How are you!  Just think girl-5 years ago we were so scared.  I remember how bold and beautiful you were when I met you in NYC without your wig.  Didn't we have fun!  I hope some newbies read this and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I used to read the posts of those before us and pray that we would be one of them and now we are!!!

    Sierra, your posts were always so welcomed.  You write like a poet and you are inspiring. 

    Lee Ann, your baby is beautiful--what a beautiful gift of life!

    I would love to hear from some of our other sisters--Flash, Beach Cottage, Gloria, Leelee, Wendy, Big Jims Wife, there were so many!

    Stacy (Sunshine) and Tinkerbell, Sprite, Fighter lu, I think of you often. I know you look upon us from time to time!  Tinkerbell, I cherish the tinkerbell wind chime I won in NYC.  Everytime it rings I think of you!  Mr Tinkerbell I hope you have found happiness.  It meant so much to us when you came to our reunion. I remember how lovely your daughter is.  Stacy, it was fun shopping with you in the Hamptons.  I have the picture I bought hanging in my office! I am glad I met you!  I will always remember your positive attitude and your brave fight.

    Hope I have not been a thread killer! Hugs to you all! 


  • DebraLynn
    DebraLynn Member Posts: 8

    Lee Ann,

    I remember the professional thread killer. I am still laughing about it. Does anyone remember me? I may have been the original thread killer.

    I was dx in April 2004. Anniversary of that date is coming soon.

  • Member_of_the_Club
    Member_of_the_Club Member Posts: 263

    I'm September '04, don't know if I qualify. A middlebie? I went through treatment around the same time as BethNY and Fitztwins and Kimmytoo's second round. I remember FighterLu and Theresa and all our old friends who are gone.

  • iodine
    iodine Member Posts: 869

    Oh, I just have to tell you.  I just listened to the ME song "I Run For Life" on youtube with a slide show and I'm seeing all these familiar names who have meant so much to me over the past few years and I am just overwhelmed with love for you all.

    It is so wonderful to see you all well and having LIVES!!!!!  We are watched over by some outstanding angels and we are living for them as well.

    Blessings to all.

  • ravdeb
    ravdeb Member Posts: 277

    Ladies..I'm a middlebie (2005) but I remember most of you being here to get me through the chemo and rads and whatevers.

    It's sooo good to read your posts here and..LeeAnn...your baby is adorable..can't get better than that!

  • SandyL
    SandyL Member Posts: 11

    It's good to see so many more familiar names. LeeAnn, Franny is just adorable! What a sweetie.

    Laura, I'm so glad you're still dancing with NED. And believe me, I can commiserate with you on your toenail. I had so much trouble, post-chemo, with one of my big toes that my podiatrist talked me into removing the toenail and root. However, part of the root must have been missed because a small sliver of nail keeps growing and bothering me. It still feels like there's an ingrown nail there. He tried again to remove it, but it didn't help. And the toenails on my little toes have never been normal since chemo. Oh well, small potatoes compared to congestive heart failure and other troubles that some still have. And well worth putting up with since, so far at least (knock on wood), the chemo did its job.

    I'm happy to report that the biopsy on my daughter's lump turned out to be viral. The lump was on the back of her neck and we were worried she had some type of lymphoma, especially after the pathologist sent it to another lab for consultation. But they finally called with good news. What a relief!