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Where Are The "Oldbies"?



  • geeta75
    geeta75 Member Posts: 8

    Pconn--thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so tremendously sweet! :)

    GEECH Member Posts: 7

    I also am an oldie (2002)who hasn't been on for a long time.  When Fighter Lu passed it really upset me since she was my inspiration when I first was diagnosed.  She was the one that kept me fighting.  I remember a lot of the names and it's nice to see everyone. I aslo remember alot of the Angels who left us.   I am now Stage4 w/mets and going thru new treatments.  But I'm also a fighter and not going anywhere.

    Take care Ladies,


  • hope_m
    hope_m Member Posts: 24

    Bittersweet, to hear from familiar names, but to hear also of mets.  Hugs to Geech.  And how IS Nixxic??

    Hope M. 

  • hope_m
    hope_m Member Posts: 24

    Sorry, that was for Geeta--how is Nixxic?

    Hope M. 

  • Dragonfli
    Dragonfli Member Posts: 3

    Gosh, what a great thread to start. Hi Junie!!! I see you posted a few times, and it's great to see your name along with so many others on here.

    I was on the boards and in chat in when I was dx and going through treatment in 2003/2004. I have taken a bit of a "vacation" away from here, but find myself coming back a little more lately. It just might be the time of year..:) .  I am still doing well no recurrence, and I became a grandma in December. Our little Lauryn is absolutely adorable and so very precious, she is one of the milestones I dreamt of being able to live to see after treatment....and here I still am.....:)yay!!!

    I still have my web-site, although I had to buy a new name,( I lost my original website addy when I forgot I had to renew it) My site is and I still have the guestbook up, as well as some of the old stories from past chatters.

    Everyone is welcome to pop by, say hi, leave a message, or just look around the site.

    Hugsssssssssss to all that may need them


  • Hana
    Hana Member Posts: 3

    Well, I am still here too. This side was my sanity place and I visit now and then. I used to visit daily for 5 years and some. Sunshine and Sprite were the ones that calmed me and helped me when panic set in. I remember getting up at  4 a.m. here in British Columbia so I can watch Sunshine being interviewed on Early News.

     My thanks to RoseG, Iodine, Joanofadmore and rest of you ladies, for your help. Even after I finished my 5 years of treatment I can't stay away. I don't post much any more but I check in now and I am glad to see that the Board is still doing what it should do. To listen, encourage and offer the help when needed most.

    Best wishes to all.

  • harleyhoney
    harleyhoney Member Posts: 19

    Here, Here, Here, I'm here....... But not very often.

    It will be my 5 year cancer-versary May of this year!

    I too miss sunshine, sprite, tink and fighter Lu and think of them often. I was lucky enough to spend time with Stacey and Kathy.

    I hang out now on myspace if any of you wanna be my friend :)

    Be well everyone


  • harleyhoney
    harleyhoney Member Posts: 19

    Wow, I just went back and read all the posts. All the familiar names brought back so many memories and emotions. You're all right, so much more significance thatn any high school or college reunion.

    Denisa brought back the memory of our online toast to Sprite (Tequila I  believe it was) and all I could picture was her in Vegas talking abut the "chicken Dance" Lois and I were still in Chemo at the time. I still do quite a bit of advocacy for breast cancer especially trying to get the word out for young women to be vigikant. I've met too many gals the past 5 years who were misdiagnosed because they were considered "too Young" I also spend alot of time encouraging sisters to seek support and move on......Oh and have fun!! (Suprise!)

    I'll now have to check in more often so I can keep up on this thread!!

    Love you all


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    I would have never expected this thread to get as many responses as it has, and for that, I am grateful.  Love hearing from everyone and what you's are all up to.

    Now I've got a prayer request.  As a lot of you may know, my youngest son has Down Syndrome, and he's been battling pneumonia since Halloween.  He's gotten much, much better, but the last chest xray in March revealed that he still has a lot of fluid accumulation in his right lung!

    So, this Thursday, is yet another appt. with the pulmonary doc and yet another chest xray.  If it still shows infiltration, the doc is going to schedule a bronchoscopy!!!  He's had these before, but as an infant. 

    Funny thing is, he's got NO symptoms, no coughing, no fever, NOTHING AT ALL, so I don't understand how he could still have this.  Need good thoughts and prayers from all of you, and I will check back sometime Thursday afternoon or eve and let you know how the xrays went.

    Always something, if it's not me, it's someone in the fam.


  • geeta75
    geeta75 Member Posts: 8

    Hi, Hope! I hear from Nikki (nixxic) every now and then--she is as beautiful as ever, and living life to the fullest from what I gather from her. We exchange cards every Christmas--i LOVE getting my card from London, and can't wait to tear it open and see her handwriting!

    Thanks for asking about her. I'll make sure she knows!

    GEECH Member Posts: 7


    My prayers are with you and your son.

    Take care,


  • pconn03
    pconn03 Member Posts: 49


    Adding my prayers for your son.  It is disheartening when our kids are sick, isn't it??  We would rather it be us, I know.  Just asking the good Lord to clear this fluid up for him for once and for all so there is no more worry about it!!!  God bless you both and let us know how it all goes, okay?



  • lilee
    lilee Member Posts: 4

    Hi - I'm an oldie dx 02/2003 and I remember so much how wonderful you all were (and are)! I was fortunate enough to meet many of you at the Oyster Bar in NYC long ago. My favorite time was swapping our wigs... How surprised the other patrons looked when we started that!

    I still keep a picture of Tinkerbell (Ann) on display in my home and remember how she and her family were amazing people. I will always hold in my thoughts Sprite, Tinkerbell, Fighter Lu and Sunshine. They were beautiful women.

    I miss you Sachi and Flashdif and all the friends from our Dose Dense thread - XXOO. Somehow Laura all these names make me want to cry. Hi Harley! Where are you LeeLee (Nancy)? Thank you for bringing back these friends. I wish your son all good reports. 

    I'm doing wonderfully and feeling great.  I'm wishing ALL us oldies (and our families) a lifetime of joy!

    Lilee (Gloria) Smile

  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612


    I'm pulling for your little guy to get through this tough time. I'm glad he doesn't have symptoms, but hope he won't need the bronch. Give him a hug for us!


  • iodine
    iodine Member Posts: 869

    More prayers comming from down south for a good outcome and resolution to your sweet one's bronch. 

     It's sooooo good to see you all and find how you are.  Isn't it funny how we keep comming back??  LOL

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Jesus, I had the hardest time trying to get on this morning.  I am in a tizzy.  Not only am I worried about my son's appt. tomorrow, it seems my husband's company will be laying off a lot of people on Friday!  Just what I need now!  My dh works for Toshiba, and Disney just pulled out of HD/DVD to go with Sony's blu ray format, therefore, a lot of jobs will be lost.  My dh has been on the horn all week with other sales reps and they are all worried about losing their jobs.

    I feel as though the world is caving in on me right now!  We can't relocate, because Sean's Medicaid benefits are not transferable from one state to another and we'd be put on a loooong waiting list...his med's alone are a grand a month!!!!

    So now, I'm asking for you all to say another prayer that my hubbys job remains intact...he is 55, and if he gets laid off, there's not many options for a guy his age.

    This totally sucks.  I got so upset the other night, I worked myself up into an anxiety/allergy attack, complete with hives and panic attacks.

    Will keep you updated as events happen.


  • AnneW
    AnneW Member Posts: 612

    These times of economic uncertainty are certainly difficult. More prayers and good thoughts are coming your way, Laura!


  • Sachi
    Sachi Member Posts: 63

    Hi everyone,

    Prayers for you and your family, Laura. I hope your son feels better soon and that your husband's job is alright.

    Geech, I'm sorry to hear about your mets. Its something we all worry about.

    Gloria - it's great to hear from you!! I had an email from Rosebudd the other day. She's doing well. Her oldest son is in college. I hear from Flashdif occasionally, but I haven't heard from Leelee. I hope she sees this and checks in.

    There are so many names on the board that I don't know - its nice to have a thread of the "oldbies". Its actually very nice to be an "oldbie"! Smile

    Stacy - are you still doing your motorcycle runs? How's that grandbaby?

    I'm doing well. I still take Femara, but haven't had too many problems with it. My 5 year anniversary was in February.

    My daughter who had melanoma just returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. There were 40 people who have been affected by cancer that all summited together at dawn. It sounds like it was very moving. She's 23 now and working for The American Cancer Society.

    Take care!


  • debbieb
    debbieb Member Posts: 14


    You, your husband and your dear sweet son are all in my prayers.  Prayers that your husband remains employed and prayers that your son recovers completely from pneumonia.  I also pray that you get thru this with minimal stress and anxiety.  I know it is tough.  I can remember back when I was first dx'd with bc and the anxiety would get really really bad, I would just walk outside and look up into the sky and let the sun beat down on my face.  Saying the serenity prayer while feeling the warmth of the sun on my face seemed to always get me thru it.


  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    What a wuss I am!  Got up at 3 am pacing the floor and had a fullblown anxiety/allergy attack!!!  Hubby said whatever happens, we can get through this.  Getting ready to take son to the doctor's and get his chest xray and speak with his doc.

    I feel as though the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  Reminds me when I waited for the results of my sonogram almost six years ago.

    Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes.  I certainly hope they give me the courage to face whatever happens.

    I'll report back later.  Love ya's all.

  • NaughtybyNature
    NaughtybyNature Member Posts: 190

    I just took a little more time to read some of the posts here...

    Catherine: How are you?  No more psycho bosses?!!!  You were the first one to PM me.  I w/ never forget you.  How is your daughter?

    Geeta: So sorry to hear about your mets. (((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))  Nikki is the beautiful blonde girl that had a beautiful wedding at a castle right?

    Laura: I hope all is well w/ your son and your hubby can hold on his job.

    And to all of the other ladies: Awesome to see that you are still around.

    PS: I posted this on the Face thread to Laura/Ltb and here it goes:

    "Laura: I am good, the same I could not say for "Mr. Tinkerbell"... he fractured his right elbow last night by falling in the basement; so after dinner when he says he was going to go to the Hospital, Jade and I said... WHAT?!?!?!  Only than we found out what happened in the basement... I guess what happens in the basement, stays in the basement?!?!?!

    The Hospital word meant he was really in pain... and we are suppose to go on vacation this Saturday.  Still waiting to hear back from the orthopedic doctor to see what he says about Bill's arm."

    In addition:

    Kristin is about to graduate and be a nurse just like Tinkerbell and Eric has a beautiful son, Evan Anndrew whose birthday is on the same date as Jade's, my daughter. 

    Ann's (Tinkerbell) mom is still here, going to be 89!  She really is something.  Absolutely love her.

  • lag
    lag Member Posts: 53

    Hi I was dx in 2004, had surgery in late 04, and going through more surgery this year-yippee NOT, but that is how it goes i guess.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi

  • Ltb3105
    Ltb3105 Member Posts: 56

    Mixed bag of news:

    The good:  Hubby called and his job is intact!  Yay!  Sean's infection has improved greatly, no need for bronch. right now.

    The bad:  Sean STILL has the congestion in his right lung, and even though the xrays showed it improved a lot, it's *still* there....we have to continue with the breathing treatments once a day, then it's back for another re-check in six weeks.

    Then, today, the teacher calls me....Sean threw up and had a temp of 101!  WTF?!  Yesterday, the doc checked him over and he was fine!!!  Teach said the school nurse has been sending kids home with the same thing all day.

    So, I guess I can somewhat relax, it could've been worse, right?  I asked the doctor if Sean still has pneumonia, she said no, not anymore, she calls this "volume loss", whatever the hell that means.  His oxygen levels are great and she said his lungs sounded clear.  Again, WTF?!

    Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers, they had to have helped.

    Oh, sorry more bad:  last night we had a helluva hailstorm, our sirens went off and I had to carry this 100 lb. child into the guest bathroom, as hubby is still out of town at his meeting.

    More good though, we are okay, and nothing around the place was damaged.

    Have a great weekend all, I'm about to pop open a bottle of wine.

  • iodine
    iodine Member Posts: 869

    Hope you will have a great weekend as well!  so glad things are improving and expecially that your dh's job is secure.

    Now, prayers for those who will be leaving the job.

  • harleyhoney
    harleyhoney Member Posts: 19


     After the time you've had I think you should make it at least 2 bottles of wine!! Glad everything is gonna be OK!! Was praying for ya.


    Yup still riding as much as I can and doing the rides for breast cancer peer support. Can't believe that I found out about these rides here on the boards from Kimmy.


    My naughty portuguese sister. You got me with your April fool, but it did get me here to the board and finding this thread and it's great to "see" all my old friends. I almost busted a gut where you mentioned Catherine and her psycho boss. I so remember that thread!!


    (((((hugs))))) God's speed.

    Love you all, you have a very special (and large) place in my heart.

    Be Well


  • magsandmattsmom
    magsandmattsmom Member Posts: 43

    Hi everyone.  I guess I'm one of the oldies.  Was dx in July of 03 - can't believe it will be five years this summer.  It's great to see all the "old" names and sad to be reminded of the ones we've lost.

    I'm doing good except for the fact I'm recovering from open heart surgery! Last Sept an ascending aortic anourysm (I can never spell that!) was found.  It grew in three months so they had to repair it.  It has NOTHING to do with my BC - I'm just lucky I guess Undecided  I'm doing ok with all this most of the time but sometimes I get pretty crabby to be facing more health issues.

    I lurk some but don't post much.  The boards have exploded - both good and bad in that - and I don't have much time because I now have 3 kids.  For those that didn't know I had a baby boy last May.  He'll be a year old in just over a month now!  He's a joy and a blessing.

    Take care everyone.  I think of you all often and fondly!

  • sushanna1
    sushanna1 Member Posts: 61

    Jill and Stacey

    Glad to hear from you.  Thanks for checking in.


  • sassy
    sassy Member Posts: 6

    Hi, I am also an "oldie", diagnosed on Valentine's Day 2002, joined the board a few month later. I was ever so glad to find the board at the time because it was incredible to find all the other sisters and get all the help and the questions answered. I still lurk quite a bit but don't post too often anymore. I do remember Sprite, Tinkerbell and all the others from back when and feel sad about their passing. The board is quite changed now, very big and more cumbersome to work with but still important to all of us. I am still taking Arimidex, now in my 6th year, with little side effects and still dancing with Ned. Take good care everybody and check in once in a while. Sassy

  • Pauline3837
    Pauline3837 Member Posts: 7

    I'm an oldie from 2003.   I'm still dancing with NED.   Moving beyond......I don't know if we ever really move on!  I'm not on the boards much but I do "tune in" every couple of weeks and see what's going on.

    For the most part, life has been good.   I became a grandma Laughing(twice). Hate taking arimidexYell.   Bones hurt most of the time and my sex life sucks (thank God dear husband understands) and I can't seem to get the added pounds offCry

    I think of those who got their wings ( Tink, Sprite etc) and remember their inspiring words when I was a newbie.   They will be forever in my heart because pieces of them touched my soul so deeply. 

    To all of you oldies and not so oldies:

     "May we all find hope in our hearts, love in our lives and peace in our souls". 

    Love you all   

  • littlecatsfeet
    littlecatsfeet Member Posts: 23

    Leslie here, checking in -

    Haven't been here in ages, so so SO good to see familiar names - like hearing an old familiar song that makes you smile, y'know?  Does this middle-aged heart good!

    Still sad thinking of the beautiful women who are no longer with us.  I wouldn't be here today if not for them, and all of you.

    BIG HUGE HUGS to you all - hope you can feel them!